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The playful idea behind the vehicle is to create a new spin on. The world s blackest black polarizes and creates a special visual effect for the bmw sac s latest generation.

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The bmw x6 vantablack is on display at the frankfurt motor show but the exhibit space s bizarre blue lighting with red and green highlights makes the ultra black sleek crossover look straight.

Bmw x6 vantablack preis. The bmw x6 is the first and only vehicle in the world to feature a vantablack vbx2 paint finish. The one off x6 sprayed with a vantablack vbx2 finish will be unveiled at the frankfurt motor show where bmw will premiere the third generation of the vehicle according to a statement from the. This exclusive show car is the result of a co.

With a latest generation bmw x6 as a canvas the effect is not only remarkable but unprecedented. The famous crossover has generated a part in the vehicle business and it is getting a growing number of competitions in nowadays. The bmw x6 s superblack non reflective paint makes it unique.

Imagine a material so black that it captures not only the imagination but 99 of visible light. The vantablack bmw x6 this is the bmw vbx6. 2020 bmw x6 vantablack price after an early redesign of the company s fundamental midsize crossover x5 we are anticipating 2020 bmw x6 to proceed in precisely the exact same method.

Never before has a car been painted in vantablack. Bmw partnered with vantablack maker surrey nano systems and creative agency levitation 29 to create the world s blackest x6. The paint colour is so dark it s said to make the vehicle look two dimensional allowing bmw to show off its light up grille bmw will use the frankfurt motor show to unveil a stealthy special edition x6 finished in a colour called vantablack according to the company the show car is the first and only vehicle in the world to feature the.

Obscuring contours hiding features and tricking the human eye. We turned down numerous requests from various automobile manufacturers in the past explains ben jensen founder and chief technical officer of surrey nanosystems. At next month s frankfurt motor show bmw will display a one off version of the forthcoming third generation x6 suv that s been fully coated in vantablack paint in which carbon nanotubes are.

Designed in collaboration with surrey nanosystems the developer of vantablack this car is eye catching in the truest sense of the word thanks to its light absorbing paint.

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